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Design is the most immediately visible part of your web or application. Graphics, layout, color, navigation and content must convey the overall tone of your business. To be useful to an Internet audience, each site must deliver entertainment or knowledge, or improve the way its audience accomplishes some important task (such as selling your products or services). You must define your purpose in creating the site before you begin the design process. List the basic points you want to communicate. Then catalog the specific elements you need to accomplish your goal. Ultimately, users visit your website for its content or use your applications for assumed results. Everything else is just the backdrop. The design is there to allow the people access to the content. While considering this image or presence you would like to communicate, it is imperative to consider the reasons visitors return to your website.

Quality content

Updated frequently

Minimal download time

Ease of use.

The trick is combining text, graphics, and navigation into great pages and even greater sites. While design guidelines have changed over the years, the main goal has always been the same: to present information in a way that readers find immediately useful. Our designers specialize in creating easy-to-read pages that load quickly and present information in a logical way. Navigation schemes should obey strict laws: users should always know where they are, where they came from, and where they can go next.

One of the most common complaints about the Web is that pages take too long to load. When designing individual graphic elements, it's vital to keep the file sizes small. But to keep download times under control, it's equally important to keep page layouts simple. Keeping pages simple is also good design. Visitors to your Web site should be able to get what they came for quickly and logically.

Technologies used:

Macromedia Flash

Adobe Photoshop

3D Graphic Design



Visual Basics

Real Audio

Cold Fusion

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